Photography for Artists

My work is guarantied. I will match hue and value of the original. I deliver images that are sized for the web and also high resolution for digital printing. I photograph the work in my studio if there are just one to 5 images or I can come to your location which is convenient if you have a great number of things to be photographed. Artist Books I prefer to photograph in my studio.

Luvon Sheppard

Luvon Sheppard

Luvon Sheppard


Sherry Tulloch: Natural Form Sculpture

Sherry Tulloch

Sherry Tulloch: Missing Puzzle Parts

Sherry Tulloch

Tools Book by John Retallack
Tools Boook by John Retallack

Words Pictures by John Retallack
Words Pictures Book by John Retallack

Below are videos I have done for artists:

ArenaDyer Video 2016

Luvon Sheppard at Davidson Gallery

Sherry Tulloch

Luvon Sheppard_Northeastern Seminary

Luvon Sheppard at Geisel Gallery 2017

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