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Kaylee Cornish Rex was established in 2003.
We are an approved CFA cattery,
and a member of the Cornish Rex Breed Council


Kaylee’s Smooth Operator

Our beautiful black male, GC, GP, RW Kaylee’s Smooth Operator, was our first Best Kitten, as well as CFA’s Best Cornish Rex Kitten nationally for 2007-2008. He is now retired from his breeding duties, and living with a new owner who spoils him rotten.

But even at almost eight years old, he still makes occasional appearances at shows, where he charms judges and spectators alike with his perfect Marcel waves, spectacular body, and charismatic personality. If you’re lucky, he may even perch on your shoulder and give you French kisses. Perhaps more than any other cat we’ve had, Smooth Operator represents the joy we’ve taken in showing our cats and sharing them with the public.


Our Show Cats

We’ve shown our Cornish Rex exclusively in the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), the world’s largest registry of purebred cats. Recently, other exhibitors of Kaylee cats have also achieved success in The International Cat Association (TICA).

Since we began our breeding program, numerous Kaylee Cornish Rex cats have become Grand Champions and Grand Premiers, and some have gone on to garner the coveted titles of Regional and National Winner, with many of those also being named Best Cornish Rex Nationally and Internationally. Additionally, several of our females have earned the titles of Distinguished Merit, awarded to those queens who have produced at least five kittens that reached their Grand status either in Championship or Premiership.

Over the years, we’ve helped other breeders achieve similar goals with their cats. Kaitlyn and I would like to thank the judges, breeders, and friends who have supported us in our goals for so long.


Our Mentoring

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the help of experienced breeders and exhibitors, and we try to repay their kindness by mentoring those new to the cat fancy – as well as the Cornish Rex breed – whenever we can./>


Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we’d like to say a few final words on the subject of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). It’s a known problem in the Cornish Rex breed, and it’s fatal.

At Kaylee Cornish Rex, we routinely begin scanning for HCM when a cat is a year old to establish a baseline. This allows us to note any thickening of the heart wall or other heart abnormalities as the cat ages. If we find any evidence of heart defects in our cats, we spay or neuter them immediately. No exceptions. And in fact, we continue to scan our cats whether they’re breeding or not.

You can see most of our cats’ HCM scans here on our website, and if you purchase one of our cats, we will happy to provide copies of your cat’s scans and other medical history for your records.

Because HCM scans are costly, most breeders don’t scan their cats regularly. But without this essential screening, there’s simply no way they can assure your pet’s continued health. Maybe you’ll be lucky; maybe you won’t.

We can’t guarantee that one of our cats won’t eventually develop HCM. But we do our best to give you a running start, by refusing to breed with lines in which we find it, for scanning all breeding cats as we visit a board certified cardiologist yearly with our cats. For more information, call your local veterinary cardiologist and ask about HCM’s prevalence in cats, and the importance of regular scans.

Ready to add a Cornish Rex to your family?

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