Above photo taken at 3 weeks old

Above Photos taken at 6 weeks old

Above photos taken at 5 weeks old

Kaylee Cornish Rex will guarantee well socialized kittens as our kittens are a part of our family and everyday lives. The kittens are raised in my bedroom and sleep with us the minute they figure out how to climb up into our bed. We believe in handling our kittens whether they are going into a show hall or into a pet home as the same. There is no better pleasure than we can receive than when you call to tell us how well your new kitten/adult is doing strutting through your home as if they have always lived there.

We believe in breeding to produce healthy Cornish Rex in disposition and quality to meet Cat Fanciers Association standards of the breed. If you have a pet and want to add a companion for that pet, we need you to tell us some things about your current pet so that we may pick a suitable kitten that will co-exist with it. Just because we may have kittens, we want what is best for our kittens as well as what is best for your current pet. By the time the kittens are four months old, we will know the personality of the kittens to be able to see who would fit best with your current pet. If we don't have a kitten that will be compatible with your pet at the present time then I will be glad to let you know when one becomes available.

Call or email if you are interested in additional information regarding a purchase of one of Kaylee's kittens or retired adult. If we don't have any available we will be happy to contact you when the next one becomes available.

Above is "LittleJohn" at four months.
He is the webmaster's studio mascot and living happily in Rochester, NY

Above is LittleJohn at 7 years.
Whenever clients, models, delivery people or especially kids come in the door
he is right there to greet them. And he shines.
He is named after LittleJohn of Sherwood Forrest and he is a great companion.